Frequently Asked Questions

How can my organization fundraise through Yetu?

Start your organization’s application here. Organizations appearing on the Yetu platform must complete a vetting process before soliciting donations. This process ensures that the relationships fostered between donors and nonprofits are built on a foundation of trust and reliability. Once you submit your application, a Yetu team member will contact you to complete the process. Your organization may be asked to present proof of legal registration, financial statements and information on governance structures and programmatic impact.

How do I know that a project I donate to is legitimate?

Yetu conducts a thorough screening of all organizations before they are permitted to fundraise through the site. The screening includes a thorough background check and organizational audit. Organizations are also required to post periodic updates on program progress so that donors remain informed regarding the impact of their donations.

Will my payment be secure?

Yes. Yetu provides a simple, secure platform for making and managing donations.

Why give through Yetu?

Yetu creates a space where Kenyans can connect to make a difference in our communities. Kenyan nonprofits can use Yetu to showcase and generate support for their work. Philanthropic Kenyans can use Yetu to learn about and support the causes they care most about, in the communities they care most about.