What is the problem?

Only 2% of primary schools have libraries. This means that over 20,000 primary schools have no libraries hence the pupils have no access to reading materials. Lack of storybooks to read has a negative impact on children’s literacy, confidence and performance in examinations.

All children should be offered an equal opportunity to be able to read and grow their imagination. 

How can you get involved?

Chela is a little girl with a big dream to start libraries and bring stories to 10 million children like her who do not have libraries. It is important for children to read stories written by their own people, stories about them and their society. This is an opportunity for you to make history. Be part of the first book collectively written for the children.

How can I help?

For every donation Chela gets, the money becomes words, words become stories,stories become books and finally books become libraries. By giving money or buying your space in this book you will be making our goal a reality. Donate today on this website or directly to the Mpesa Paybill number 202211. You can also donate in words and contribute to the world’s first book written by a nation.