F.A.Q & Terms


How is a fundraiser started?

You can start a fundraiser via SMS on your mobile phone (Kenya Only) or online (Kenya & Global).


Does M-Changa work on all mobile networks?

Safaricom, Airtel, Equitel only for fundraisers managed on your mobile phone.


How much does it cost me to send a message to 22231?

Sending messages to 22231 is free (Safaricom, Airtel, Equitel only)


Who can donate to my fundraiser?

Anyone in Kenya with Safaricom MPESA, Airtel Money or Equitel registered SIM cards can donate. In addition, anyone in the world can donate via Paypal, SimbaPay and Credit Card.


Are there transaction charges for Mobile Money donations?

All mobile money transactions are free.


What is the maximum Mobile Money donation I can receive?

The maximum donation you can receive are the maximum sending limits per transaction for each of the networks (Safaricom, Airtel, Equitel only).


Are there transaction charges for Credit Card donations?

M-Changa charges a 5% + KES 40 handling fee for credit card donations, payable via the fundraiser.
Funds donated via Credit Card may not be withdrawn for 24 hours from the time of donation. This is done to protect the fundraiser and M-Changa from fraudulent transactions. M-Changa uses Open Exchange rates to calculate current exchange rates.


What is the maximum credit card donation I can receive?

The maximum donation you can receive via Credit Card is USD 9,999.00 (or local equivalent) per transaction.


What happens if my supporter donates to the wrong account number?

M-Changa will resolve and reconcile any erroneous payments in to your account within 24-36 hrs.


Can my supporter request a refund?

A supporter can request a refund any time on M-Changa provided that the funds have not already been withdrawn. M-Changa will alert the fundraiser owner by phone at the time of processing.


Can I mass refund my supporters if my fundraiser stalls?

Refunds to supporters can be done at cost to the fundraiser owner. Refund charges for credit card transactions are USD 20 per transaction if not done within 20 days of the transaction. For mobile money donations, refunds are the KES equivalent of the standard mobile money transfer fee for the amount. To request a mass refund contact customer care.


How long can I run my Mobile Phone fundraiser?

Your fundraiser can run indefinitely so long as a payment or withdrawal is completed once every 14 days. After 14 days your fundraiser will expire and you will stop receiving updates.


How long can I run my Online fundraiser?

You set the duration of your fundraiser when you register your account online. Your fundraiser will run for the length of the duration you choose.


Can I start more than one fundraiser from my Mobile Phone?

No. You may only have one ACTIVE fundraiser per phone line (or SIM) at a time. However you can contribute to an unlimited number of fundraisers started by other people on M-Changa.


Can I start more than one fundraiser Online?

No. You may only have one ACTIVE fundraiser per email account at a time.


Will M-Changa ever charge me fees without warning me first?

No. We will always let you know before you incur a fee.


How much does it cost me to send an automatic group message to contributors in my fundraiser?

For Mobile Phone and Online fundraisers, the first 250 messages you send are completely FREE of charge. Thereafter, each SMS you send costs KES 2.


Are there restrictions when withdrawing money from my fundraiser?

You can withdraw your funds at any time provided your balance exceeds KES 250.00
*Credit Card donations made to fundraisers in some circumstances will require additional validation, this may cause a delay in your withdrawal until the validation is complete


What does M-Changa need to know about me?

M-Changa and its subsidiaries and affiliates, including Changa Labs, have an obligation to carry out due diligence procedures on both individuals and organizations who utilize our services. These procedures are done to keep the platform safe for our customers, though it is ultimately up to the customer to decide if a given cause is worthy of contribution or engagement.

In keeping with our terms of service we will routinely collect information for international anti-money laundering (AML) and counter terrorism funding (CFT) compliance purposes based on fundraiser transaction volume, transaction value and other criteria as required. This information may include identification documentation, recorded interviews, as well as sworn statements. M-Changa’s customer care will contact you in advance of each requirement and explain in detail how to comply with the relevant due diligence.


How much does it cost me to withdraw my cash to my Mobile Phone?

The M-Changa service fee is 4.25% of the Total Amount Collected + Normal Network Charges (Safaricom, Airtel, Equitel only)


Does M-Changa Support EFT Transactions as a method of withdrawal?

EFT withdrawals are only available for Online fundraisers
EFT transactions are free of charge for amounts over KES 500,000.
EFT transactions cost KES 800 per transaction.
Minimum EFT transaction amount KES 40,000


How much does it cost my to withdraw my cash to my Bank Account via EFT?

M-Changa service fee is 4.25% of the Total Amount Collected + EFT Charges


How fast will I get my money when I withdraw?

You will receive your money within 1 - 4 hrs provided your withdrawal request is made before 8:00PM (EAT). Any requests after this time will be processed the next day.
*delays that are beyond M-Changa control (ie bank EFT transfer windows or network operator platform availability) can add significantly to the time it takes for you to receive your money


How safe is my money?

All donations to fundraisers via mobile money are held in mobile operator accounts (Safaricom Limited, Airtel Kenya, Equitel / Equity ), and can be withdrawn at anytime.

Per M-Changa terms of service, all funds are held in trust for the fundraiser until withdrawn. Fundraiser proceeds may only be accessed with explicit authorization from the fundraiser, using an authenticated mobile phone or username and password.

M-Changa allows you to nominate up to three treasurers who must approve withdrawals. M-Changa highly recommends using treasurers to further secure fundraiser collections.

M-Changa has implemented best-of-class IT infrastructure and security including:

End-to-End Cloud Redundancy, which allows M-Changa to have no physical servers to maintain.

Transaction load balancing and multiple connections to tier-1 Internet providers, making a service outage very unlikely.

A full back-up of all software and databases are sent to a geographically different server over 12 times per day.

All M-Changa records and logs are maintained for seven years.

Industry standard SSL 256 Bit Public-Private Key Encryption has been enabled on all sensitive areas of M-Changa's website.

M-Changa does not store, or have access to, contributor credit card numbers.

M-Changa is PayPal Verified


M-Changa Values


M-Changa's mission is to empower fundraising for Kenyans, by Kenyans. Transparency is extremely important to us and guides us in all activities. You can find details about our policies by clicking on the links below:

Our Commitment to Transparency, Fraud Prevention, and Excellence.
Fundraiser & Contributor Bill of Rights
Fundraiser Rights and Responsibilities for Credit Card Transactions



M-Changa is a content neutral provider of mobile alerts, fundraising applications, and related services. As such, M-Changa does not endorse any product, service, political party, or viewpoint. M-Changa reserves the right to monitor content on its systems and remove any that in its sole opinion M-Changa finds misleading, offensive, or otherwise inappropriate.

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Once approved, you're fundraiser may automatically qualify to be published on changa.co.ke. At anytime you may request to have your fundraiser "not listed" or removed from changa.co.ke by contacting support@changa.co.ke For more details see the M-Changa privacy policy. Privacy Policy